Speaking and Training

With extensive experience in the Mental Health Sector and collaboration with top Australian psychiatrists and psychologists, Allan gained profound insights into the factors contributing to his psychological challenges. This knowledge forms the basis of his nationally and internationally acclaimed presentations. Allan’s mantra is simple: Education leads to Knowledge, which fosters Understanding, culminating in Acceptance.

For the last 14 years, Allan has engaged diverse audiences, including Corporate, Private, Government, and First Responder groups across Australia. In 2020, he presented at the Europol Centre for Counter Terrorism and the Netherlands Police Headquarters in The Hague.

An internationally certified trainer for the Canadian Mental Health Commission Training Programs, The Working Mind for First Responders and The Working Mind, Allan, along with his colleague, psychologist Dr David Said, deliver ‘Operational Readiness’ and corporate presentations like ‘Endurance: Staying in the Game’.

Allan and David have curated distinctive presentations and training programs covering an array of topics relevant to the challenges being faced in people’s lives today. The content of these bespoke presentations can include such things as as Mental Endurance, Resilience, Maintaining Operational Readiness, Moving Forward from a Crisis, Courage and Risk Taking, Overcoming Adversity, Emotional Regulation and Psychologically safe workplaces.