Allan Sparkes CV,OAM is one of Australia's most highly decorated citizens and a leader in the shift toward the inclusion of lived experience in the areas of mental wellness and suicide prevention.  Allan is one of just five Australian heroes in the past 43 years to be awarded Australia's highest bravery decoration and civil award, the Cross of Valour. In January 2017, Allan was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (0AM) for service to mental health support organisations and the community. In August 2016 he was further awarded Australia's 4th highest bravery decoration, The Commendation for Brave Conduct for saving the life of an aboriginal man who had fallen onto train tracks at Redfern Railway Station in Sydney.  His life story is extraordinary. He is also a sailor who has crossed the globe, a survivor of PTSD and a best selling author with Penguin Books.


Allan is a renowned and sought-after inspirational speaker, exclusively represented by Claxton Speakers International. He has presented at many of the most significant corporate events throughout Australia. As a compelling storyteller, Allan will take you into a world of adrenaline, fear, achievement and redemption. His passion and raw honesty will leave you holding your breath and wiping your eyes – not with sadness, but with happiness, sharing in the joy of what he has achieved, leaving you truly inspired.



Allan can tailor his content for your next conference or event in consultation with you and is highly skilled at delivering powerful presentations on topics such as:






Mental Wellness


Lifestyle Awareness


Challenge and Adventure